Safety Procedures


Our service lead is always wearing a 2-way radio and headset that is connected with a pastor or staff member on the main level so we have full communication in case of an emergency be it on our main or lower level. We also have a CPR and first-aid trained worker (as well as RNs and EMTs who are part of our church) available at all times during service.


In case of a fire please do not come down to pick up your child(ren). All workers know of fire escape routes, and we will relocate your child across the street in the church parking lot. You may reunite with them there.


In case of an intruder (i.e. active shooter or domestic violence situation) we have lock down rooms set up specifically for these types of situations. All workers are aware of the procedure and the location of the rooms. In this situation we ask parents follow the direction of church leadership and / or law enforcement on the appropriate time to be reunited with their child(ren).

Check-in and out

Our electronic check-in system is designed to help keep your child(ren) safe from any harmful or unauthorized person. We will only release a child to a person with the check-in tag. By doing this, we know that the person picking up your child is approved to pick them up by the parent that checked them in. So please be sure to always have the check-in tag available when picking up your child(ren).