Classroom Time

Nursery (0-3 years)

During their time at City Kids, your child(ren) will hear a bible lesson with colorful pictures, pray, have snack time*, and enjoy lots of playtime. We believe, even at a very young age, that children learn from the things we say and do. When they hear about Jesus and see us praying to him, it plants a seed of Jesus’ love for us and how easily we can talk to Him.

Classroom (Pre-K** – 1 Grade)

In this class children are taught from a curriculum provided by The Beginner’s Bible. They will watch a fun video on 2-3 Bible stories in chronological order that follows the Beginner’s Bible word for word.  Children are then encouraged to answer questions about the stories to help them retain what they just watched.  Often props are used, and games or activities are played in order to further engage them in understanding the Bible stories and apply it to their own lives.  Activities are different each week and children will usually also have a craft or coloring page related to the teaching. Children are also taught some basic rules of listening, respecting others, and obeying in this class, as well as given the opportunity to pray out loud with their peers.  Snacks are provided during this class*.

Classroom (2nd – 5th Grade)

Students in these grades continue in their bible learning through age appropriate teaching and activities.


*Snacks are provided. Please let us know if your child(ren) has a food allergy. If your child(ren) have a special diet please send a snack with them.

**Generally once a child turns 3 they transition from the nursery into our Pre-K – 1 grade class. This, however, largely depends on their readiness to be able to engage in a classroom style setting.


All City Kids, nursery and classroom students, have personal labeled cubbies.

Cubbies for the nursery are located in the nursery classroom itself. Parents of nursery aged children may use the cubbies as storage for their child(ren) for various supplies. For example, parents may leave extra diapers, blankets, or any other commonly used items for future Sundays. We do ask for fresh sippy cups each week to help with germs and cleanliness. If you bring a diaper bag it will be stored in their personal cubby.

Main classroom children have their cubbies located near the back stairs. Children may put coats and / or shoes into the cubbies during the City Kids’ service, or before service by using the back stairway by the restrooms. We ask that the parents please assist their child(ren) as they leave in removing all items from their cubbies. Take-homes will also be in the cubbies so please be sure to look for those as well. If items are left in cubbies for more than a month we will donate them.