This is City Church Spokane (A church plant of Life Center)

Some years ago my wife, Lisa, and I felt led to plant a church. The vision for that church can be found in the name City Church. Cities are where people are. I felt God was leading us to embrace all kinds of people in our city in the name and character of the God who loves us all unconditionally.

People (and Lisa and I definitely are people) are imperfect and sometimes messy. God, though, loves us so deeply He sent His beloved Son, Jesus, to save us and restore our relationship with our loving Heavenly Father. Lisa and I saw City Church Spokane as a spiritual home for people, but much more. We believed, and still do, that City Church is to ALWAYS go out, reach out, and live out the love of God in our community. We wanted City Church Spokane to be a safe place to grow close to Jesus with wide open doors to anyone whether they believed in Jesus or not.

Jesus said, “I have come to seek and save the lost.” Jesus is still doing that today, and City Church Spokane came into being for just that purpose.

Mike Fairburn

Founding Pastor (Ret.), City Church Spokane


Our Purpose
To live for Jesus, and to show the world the freedom and blessings of Kingdom living.

Our Core Values
Values aren’t values unless they are walked out. At City Church we are defined by our four core values:

  • Grace – We love people where they are at.
  • Compassion – We step in to help out.
  • Vulnerability – We let others in.
  • Collaboration – We work in teams.

City Church Spokane is a non-denominational community of Jesus followers. We welcome people from all walks of life to come as they are, experience authentic relationship, learn practical and life transforming truths from the Bible, and have fun!